When you are looking to present information in a clean, professional manner, we recommend brochures to get the job done. Each panel allows the design to break up categories and organize content easier. When it comes to customizable Brochure options, no one compares to us! We offer tons of fold styles such as Half Folds, Trifolds, Z-Folds, Gatefolds, and more!

We offer both glossy, satin and matte finishes and various stock weights. Other options include spot UV and foil.

Standard Sizes

10.5" x17"                 4"x6"                   8.5"x11"

11"x17"                     4"x9"                   8.5"x14"

11.5"x17.5"               4.25"x11"           8.5"x22"

12"x15"                      4.25"x12"          8.5"x3.667"

12"x18"                      4.25"x5.5"         8.5"x4"

​17"x22"                      5.5"x17"            8.5"x5.5"

25.5"x11"                   6.25"x11"          8.5"x7"

4"x10"                         6.25"x9"            8.5"x7.5"

4"x11"                         6.5"x9"              9"x6"

4"x12"                         8"x10"               9"x12"

4"x15"                         8"x9"                 9"x16"

Standard Stocks

100lb Dull Book

100lb Gloss Book

100lb Gloss Cover

70lb Premium Opaque

​80lb Gloss Book

Recycled 100lb Dull Cover with Matte Finish​

Recycled 80lb Dull Text with Matte Finish

Coating Options

Aqueous Coating