Dye Sublimation Pole Flags

Flags are classic and beautiful as the dance in the wind. They get attention and add a nice touch to any building or store front. If you're looking to show off your logo or advertise a sale, flags are an excellent option.

​Our premium quality flags are printed on 13oz polyester and have a canvas reinforcement strip with grommets on either the left or the right. For indoor or outdoor use. Includes wall a bracket and pole. Size measures 5' x 3'.

Pole Flag Kits

TEAR DROP SHAPE FLAG                    FEATHER SHAPE FLAG                              RECTANGLE SHAPE FLAG

6 ft Flag (7 ft Pole)                                      8 ft x 2 1/2' Flag (with Pole)                          6 ft x 2 1/2' Flag (7 ft Pole)

8 ft Flag (11ft Pole)                                     11 ft  x 2 1/2' Flag (with Pole)                       8 ft  x 2 1/2' Flag (10 ft Pole)

11 ft Flag (15 1/2 ft Pole)                           15 ft x 2 1/2' Flag (with Pole)                        11 ft x 2 1/2' Flag (13 ft Pole)

Complete kits include flag, fiberglass pole, rotating stainless ground spike and carry case. We also offer replacement parts and replacement flags. These flags are inexpensive and a great way to draw in business from automotive and foot traffic

passing by your store front or office.