To Go Menus

Whether used for distribution or offered at your establishment, easy access to the menu items you offer increase sales. We offer tons of fold styles such as Half Folds, Trifolds, Z-Folds, Gatefolds, and more! See above for fold options.

Standard Sizes

10.5" x17"                 4"x6"                   8.5"x11"

11"x17"                     4"x9"                   8.5"x14"

11.5"x17.5"               4.25"x11"           8.5"x22"

12"x15"                      4.25"x12"          8.5"x3.667"

12"x18"                      4.25"x5.5"         8.5"x4"

​17"x22"                      5.5"x17"            8.5"x5.5"

25.5"x11"                   6.25"x11"          8.5"x7"

4"x10"                         6.25"x9"            8.5"x7.5"

4"x11"                         6.5"x9"              9"x6"

4"x12"                         8"x10"               9"x12"

4"x15"                         8"x9"                 9"x16"

Standard Stocks

100lb Dull Book

100lb Gloss Book

100lb Gloss Cover

70lb Premium Opaque

​80lb Gloss Book

Recycled 100lb Dull Cover with Matte Finish​

Recycled 80lb Dull Text with Matte Finish

Coating Options

Aqueous Coating 




Menu Inserts

Already have menu jackets ?  Looking for an elegant way to display your content?

We offer menu replacement pages and  jacket options. In addition we offer various paper stocks

for the style that matches your business best. Spot color, full color print and custom sizing available.

Laminated Menus

Both inexpensive and durable, our laminated menus serve as an awesome in house menu

option. Completely stain proof and meant to last from one patron to the next.